Reiki healing is a japanese form of energy healing, which harnesses your own energy and directs it towards your healing, both physically and mentally. It can be particularly helpful in calming a busy or anxious mind and for physical injuries (we always recommend seeing a doctor/specialist in addition).

Reiki healing can be done distantly and in person. Distant sessions require only that you stay in the same place for 30 minutes so that the energy can find you, but you can continue with any activities while there. In person Reiki requires you to lay down for 60 minutes while the healer works on activating your healing energy through sacred symbols. This can be done with or without physical touch and you remain fully clothed.

Distant Reiki: £20 for 30 minutes

In person Reiki: £50 for one hour

Sessions can be booked by contacting Rehmat on 07789778427.

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